Services We Provide

We Will Make a Difference


The mentoring, counseling and learning process of our clients included:

  1. Learning basic life skills

  2. The importance of obeying those in authority

  3. Preparation to get a GED

  4. Job interview training

  5. How to dress for success

  6. Mentoring work/paid programs to include: carpentry, plumbing, culinary arts, electrician.

  7. Preparation for entry into a Trade School

  8. This included serving 50 High Risk Youth in Boston.


  • We teach life skills to youths and assist them in their everyday walk of life.

  • We assist troubled youths ages 15 to 19 with obtaining their GED in order to get them into a prep school.

  • We help them to get into a trade school or college.

  • We occasionally relocate troubled youths (gang members) to out of state programs to help get them out of gangs safely.

  • We advocate for first time offenders of the law and partition the courts to give them a second chance by attending and completing our program.


We here at Strong Roots pride ourselves in the leadership, and creative work that we do as mentors of the young adults and youths that we deal with on a daily basis. We offer one on one counseling along with group counseling for troubled youths. We dedicate ourselves to educating young adults to the importance of respect for all of humanity, the importance of obeying those in authority (to include the law), and the importance of education. We make sure that our clients get the best counseling and mentoring available.