• Reverend Willie Wiggins Jr

Join the Strong Roots Saving Lives Movement; "THOU SHALL NOT KILL"

Crime is on the rise and "THE KILLINGS MUST STOP!"

When a Policeman unjustly Kills a Black Man in this country it is a Modern-Day-Lynching! When we Kill each other it is Genocide! The Strong Roots Saving Lives Campaign & NATIONAL MOVEMENT; "THOU SHALL NOT KILL". WE CAN AND WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

COMING SOON; The Song & Video "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" featuring Dee Breezy, Bombz, and Reverend Willie Wiggins Jr.

You can help to change a youths life by donating and receiving one of our package deals (Simply go to the donation page and make your selection).

  1. Donate $50.00 or more and receive the "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" CD, DVD, 'T-Shirt and Mask.

  2. Donate $25.00 and you can choose to receive the "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" CD & DVD or the "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" T-SHIRT & MASK.


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