• Reverend Willie Wiggins Jr

Strong Roots Saving Lives Movement "THOU SHALL NOT KILL"

This is a very challenging time in dealing with Covid-19, and now we have another serious problem "THE KILLINGS IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS". As you know, the crime rate has increased in the urban communities and it's time for the STRONG ROOTS YOUTH FOUNDATION to hit the streets again. We can and will make a difference in your neighborhood. Support our National Campaign: "THE MOVEMENT - STRONG ROOTS SAVING LIVES "THOU SHALL NOT KILL CAMPAIGN"

The Song & Video "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" featuring Dee Breezy, Bombz, and Reverend Willie Wiggins Jr.

You can help to change a youths life by donating and receiving one of our package deals.

  1. Donate $50.00 or more and receive the "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" CD, DVD, 'T-Shirt and Mask.

  2. Donate $25.00 and you can choose to receive the "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" CD & DVD or the "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" T-SHIRT & MASK.


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