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Updated: Dec 24, 2022

"Walking It Like He Talks It"

Atlanta Leader 27 Aug 2021, 10 GMT+10

I had the pleasure to interview Reverend Willie Wiggins Jr and he is truly an annointed man of GOD. Born in Boston MA but now a resident of Georgia he is on a mission from GOD to fulfill the purpose of his life. This is why he "walks it like he talks it" and "practice whay he preaches". Rev. Willie has showned himself to be approved in leadership with accomplishments that have gone beyond what he imagined that he would do in his life. With accomplishments of four college degrees, the author of 3 amazing books, a Pastor, the founder/President of Strong Roots Youth Foundation and Strong Roots Saving Lives, a collection of music collaberations to include the song "Thou Shall Not Kill" and his most recent artistic endevor; a 3 song Maxi-Single called Floetry-Poetry by Willie J. The Philosopher. It consists of a new innovative style of musical & lyrical poems that will encourage you and stirr up your every emotion. I found it to be very compelling with smooth lyrics and a fussion of jazz. It is spiritual, political, and inspirational and is in stores world-wide and in several diffrent languages. Reverend Willie said that he will use 50% of proceeds of his 3 song Floetry-Poetry Maxi-Single to help others through his non-profit organization The Strong Roots Youth Foundation. We can sure use some more help here in Georgia so i'm excited that he is now a resident here. He wants you all to know that it's never too late to change and he is a walking example of that. You can contact Rev. Willie at 774-259-5641. Now sit back and relax and listen to Willie J. The Philospher, Floetry Poetry:

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